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Laurence BernardEdit

Laurence Bernard is a Canadian-born doctor. He is a friend and ally to Flavio Pescuddu.

Born to an intellectual, middle-class family in Toronto on the fifth of June 1897, Laurence had a comfortable, average upbringing, with no major problems or tragedies for him to overcome. His home life was troublesome; his parents were kind, loving yet busy lawyers, who had three other children who Laurence never got on well with (his sister Kendra being a domineering, bossy girl, his brother Lucas being a lazy, idealistic dreamer and his sister Angelina always copying Kendra), however his school-life was decent most of the times. He was always captivated by the miracles medical workers could perform, from saving lives to changing faces, and, being an imitable young tyke, he chose the path of medicine at an early age, dedicating Christmas present lists, past-times, reading books and subject choices to finding out as much about the profession as possible. At times, his interest in medicine went from strong interest to outright (ironically) unhealthy obsession, but he still did well at school and life, and went to a prestigious university to study the subjects. He had high grades and was a very well-known member of the Toronto nightlife scene, and in university, medical scene. While an amiable person, he did build up an irritating ego around this time.

Of course, once he hit the real world after obtaining his medical degree and became a moderately successful doctor, he found the job a lot more demanding and depressing then he thought, and obtaining a breakthrough even harder. Laurence refused to accept his own limitations in the quest for finding breakthroughs, and instead blamed government laws and regulations. However, he carried on with his life and work regardless, briefly marring in 1922, however after one child and six years, they divorced, their conflicting interests and beliefs becoming a severe obstacle.